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£1pm for 12 months. £5.00pm normal price.

12 month contract applies

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  • Load Balancing

    Our new hosting platform is designed to spread your websites and associated data across many servers. This means your sites will stay up and running at peak performance.

  • Redundancy

    New redundancy and resilience features in the architecture reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. All websites are run on multiple servers concurrently.

  • Manageability

    The all new hosting architecture simplifies manageability and improves service levels. A diverse range of modern scripting languages are available on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Smart Storage

    The all-new storage platform has been designed using the latest tiered storage architecture. This enables the system to promote more frequently used data to faster storage technology.

  • 24/7 Support & UK Data Centres

    We guarantee all your data will be securely stored within our UK Data centres. And if you have any issues you can contact our 24/7 Support lines for help.

Choice of Windows or Linux

Web Hosting Features

  • Choice of Free 1 Year Domain registration
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited Mail lite mailboxes
  • MS SQL & MySQL databases available
  • OneClick installer (Linux)

Email Features

  • 5 Mail Extra mailboxes
    - virus & spam protected
  • Unlimited email forwarders
    & autoresponders
  • Catch all email
  • 24/7 Tech Support

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