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To take advantage of our low prices and superb management tools, or if you're unhappy with your current provider, move to UKreg today and experience the difference.

Once you're with UKreg you won't look back. We've built a solid reputation by offering the most competitive domain name prices and providing leading facilities for our customers.

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Enter your domain name below and we'll tell you how to transfer it to UKreg, step-by-step.

Free and easy domain name transfers

Moving your domain names to UKreg couldn't be simpler.

  • You can transfer .uk domain names to UKreg for free.
    You keep any remaining months and we'll renew it at our current rate once your current period has expired.
  • gTLD domain transfers (.com, .net & more) are also free.
    You can even secure domain names for the maximum 10 years.
  • Once you've transferred your domain name, you can use it with any of our market-leading website and email services or simply park it - the choice is yours.

Your domain names are in safe hands

You'll never need to worry about your brand or personal details being compromised, even though you'll pay bargain rates when you transfer domain names to UKreg.

  • We will never divulge your contact details to anyone else, unlike some other domain name providers.
  • UKreg is the largest domain name registration service in the UK - with over 1 million domains in our care.
  • We are owned and operated by Fasthosts - the UK's leading web hosting company - established in 1999.

We won't tie you in

We think you'll love our unique features and superb service. But we won't penalise you if you want to leave us. You can transfer domain names away at any time, free of charge.

Step 1

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Step 2

Prepare your domain name

Contact your current provider to prepare your domain name for its transfer to UKreg.

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gTLD domains (.com, .net...)

EU domain names

Using other domain formats

Step 3

Add the domain name to
your UKreg account

Log into your account, select "Register & transfer domains" then follow the step-by-step instructions - it's that easy!

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