Website domain name forwarding

Put your new domain name to work as a web address immediately by forwarding to an existing website. Website forwarding is free for all domain names that you register with UKreg, or transfer to us.

No banners adverts or popups

Even though our website forwarding feature is free, we don't add banner adverts or annoying popups like some providers. We simply forward website visitors directly to your chosen web address.

Protect your brands

Website forwarding is useful if you've registered multiple domain names with different extensions - simply forward them all to your main website address. You could also consider registering common typos of your main domain name, and forward them to your main website in the same way.

Masked website forwarding

You can choose to "mask" the destination website address in the browser address bar, with your own domain name, using our easy framed-forwarding feature.

Website domain name forwarding diagram

Unlimited sub-domain website forwarding

As well as forwarding your main domain name, you can also create unlimited sub-domain website forwarders, each with different destinations. For example, you could have plus and forward them to completely separate websites.

Create a website on your domain name

When you're ready to create a website specifically for your domain name, simply add one of our great value Website Builder packages from as little as £4.99pm. All packages come with hosting, free email plus lots of advanced web features.

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