Unlimited email forwarding

Email address forwarding is completely free with all domain names registered with UKreg.
Create unlimited personal email addresses using your own domain name - you@yourdomain.co.uk

Personal email addresses

Embarrassed by your current, unprofessional email address? Email forwarding is a quick and easy way to create a new, personal email address - and it's free!

Once you've registered your domain name with UKreg, you can instantly create new professional email addresses that forward to your existing address, e.g. Hotmail or Gmail.

Professional - no adverts!

Unlike many other providers, we don't add our own signature text or advert links to your emails, even though our email address forwarding service is free.

Email address forwarding diagram

Unlimited email addresses

You can create as many email forwarders as you need, so why not create email addresses to cater for common mistakes or variations? For example, you could set up john@mydomain.co.uk and johnsmith@mydomain.co.uk and forward them both to the same mailbox.

Create your own email distribution groups

Create a single email address that forwards to as many other email addresses as you need. Perfect for distribution groups, or if you simply email the same group of colleagues or friends on a regular basis.

Send email from your personal email address

Email address forwarding enables you to create professional email addresses to receive email.
To send email using your personal email address you'll need a full mailbox, and with UKreg you can instantly add a professional email package to any domain name from as little as 0.99pm.

More about professional email features

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