• Available with Intel Xeon Quad Core processors
  • 100Mbps connection and unlimited bandwidth on all servers

26 October 2009, Gloucester, UK: IT professionals are offered an impressive range of new high-performance dedicated servers at low prices, today debuted by Fasthosts Internet Ltd, (www.fasthosts.co.uk), a leading web hosting provider. Priced from only £59/month+VAT, the new solutions feature the latest Intel Dual Core, Quad Core or Xeon Quad Core processors, 100Mbps connection and Fasthostsí unlimited bandwidth. Deployed instantly and available in either Linux or Microsoft operating systems, the servers provide a reliable, secure and highly flexible server platform. Fasthostsí robust network and unlimited data transfer would be of benefit to individuals and enterprises that generate or process large volumes of data.

Dedicated servers are a cost effective and reliable solution for hosting core IT infrastructure such as websites or business application software. They provide a secure and private environment for the userís applications to be operated and data to be stored. A business user enjoys the full power of the hardware and guaranteed access to bandwidth, and retains complete hands on (KVM) remote control of their server at all times. Each Fasthosts server is maintained with the latest operating system updates to maximise efficiency and security.

Fasthosts Dedicated Server packages are the ideal solution for IT professionals and businesses that require reliable server operations without the capital expenditure investment in the servers or in the physical space associated with running hardware on their premises 24/7. The latest-spec Intel processor in every Fasthosts server delivers powerful, energy-efficient performance so you can run several intensive programs at once without slowing down.

Fasthostsí brand new range of Dedicated Server packages comprises the DS300 (Dual Core & 2GB RAM), priced from only £59/month+VAT, DS500 (Dual Core & 4GB RAM), priced from £79/month+VAT, the DS700 (Quad Core & 8GB RAM), priced from £119/month+VAT, DS900X (Xeon Quad Core & 8GB RAM), priced from £149/month+VAT, and the DS1000XX (Xeon Quad Core & 16GB RAM), priced from £209/month + VAT. All packages are currently offered with 1 month free. Servers are available in either Linux or Windows configurations and feature full admin control as well as Fasthostsí unlimited bandwidth and 100Mbps high-speed virtual data pipe. Technical support is provided 24/7 from UK by email or phone.

Steve Holford, CMO Fasthosts Internet Ltd., said "We have upgraded and invested in our Dedicated Server range to ensure unbeatable service delivery and excellent ROI for business users. Put simply, the combination of the latest Intel technology and free high-speed bandwidth is an excellent proposition for many users. In an increasingly digital economy, success often begins with a robust and reliable server access that you have confidence will be working for you round the clock, day in day out, with all the benefits, but none of the high costs of running it as an internal operationĒ.

Fasthosts offer a range of powerful control panels enabling the user to set up websites and applications quickly and easily, meaning more time to focus on running their business. For only £14.99/month+VAT, the award-winning Plesk 9 control panel interface provides ultra-intuitive server maintenance and control. Fully customisable and featuring the Powerpack bundle, Fasthosts currently offers Plesk 9 with 1 month free.

Businesses are assured that Fasthosts guarantees 99.9% or higher server uptime. Servers are located within the companyís state-of-the-art UK data centres, where all operations are protected against compromise by hardware, power or network failures or unapproved site access.

As a leading web host, Fasthosts offers a comprehensive range of web solutions including domain name registrations, email solutions (including mobile email services), shared web hosting, online payment services, reseller web hosting and feature-rich broadband packages.

For more information see the website at http://www.fasthosts.co.uk/dedicatedservers/

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Richard Stevenson or Thomas Pluennecke
Tel: +44 (0)1452 561 857