Innovative offering enables resellers to increase margins and reduce administrative costs

Fasthosts, the UK's largest independent hosting provider (, has today announced the re-launch of its reseller programme with plans to increase its indirect sales channel by 50 per cent. In response to the burgeoning web services reselling market, Fasthosts' offering has now been completely redesigned to increase profitability and make the delivery of hosting solutions to third party clients more efficient than ever before.

The new package consists of domain registration, email and web hosting, broadband and dialup provision as well as including a powerful new Application Programming Interface (API) - see Utilising this interface, resellers can now configure their account to automatically provision new orders and deliver additional items to clients with a minimum of effort.

With the unique API and an extensive support website at its core, Fasthosts' new reseller account is set to revolutionise the way web designers, developers and added-value resellers deliver hosting solutions to their clients.

"The Fasthosts Reseller package has enabled us to focus on adding value to our product and to the customer experience," said Mark Snape, CEO of Novate Ltd ( "By adopting the highly automated business model the reseller account provides, we've been able to increase our business without increasing overheads - boosting our profit margin."

Andrew Michael, CEO of Fasthosts Internet (, added that, "In today's highly competitive market-place it has been impossible for resellers to develop and distinguish themselves on services without eroding profit margins. But the Fasthosts Reseller package has changed that. Our package provides resellers with the tools and knowledge to create a totally unique offering that delivers added value to their customers, whilst also improving efficiency and cutting costs throughout the business."

The Fasthosts Reseller account ( ensures smooth management through its comprehensive range of tools. An extensive set of features include:

  • Web control panel
    Resellers can self-manage every aspect of their account from a powerful, intuitive web-based control panel. It allows resellers to set up accounts and configure every element of their reseller package online.
  • Integrated domain registration
    Everything a reseller needs to register domains - including website building tools and facilities is available from a single, intuitive place.
  • Web hosting
    Resellers can provide individual web space and tools for customers' websites to be built upon. Fasthosts offer an easy-to-use SiteBuilder application, search engine optimisation, SSL secure web space and databases.
  • Email hosting
    Email packages can be created for customers ranging from standard mailboxes and high-capacity, spam and virus protected mailboxes all the way up to Microsoft Exchange accounts with full mobile push access.
  • Broadband and dialup
    Resellers can sell high-speed, unlimited download, broadband packages and backup dialup accounts to both home users and business customers.
  • Online account management
    Online account management tools enable the reseller to keep on top of invoices, upcoming payments and decide how to pay for chargeable items. The tools also include advanced payment options that allow multiple debit and credit cards to be added, so if one fails, another can be used - eliminating the risk of not being able to deliver products to their clients.

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