Need multiple domain names?

Register as many domain names as you need

With a free UKreg account you can register as many domain names as you need, at the UK's most competitive prices.
All major domain name extensions are supported, including UK-specific, international and specialist formats.

Automatic registration renewal options

Our automatic domain renewal options will mean you'll never need to worry about your domains expiring - perfect if you have hundreds of domain names to keep track of. We'll simply debit your UKreg account on the renewal date, unless you switch the feature off to allow a domain to expire.

For added convenience, you can also extend your domain registration periods online at any time.

Built-in registrant address book

Our unique address book feature, built into your UKreg account, is ideal if you register and manage domain names for other people. Just add contact details, then retrieve them instantly when you register a new domain name.

Complete online control

With our powerful web based system you'll have 100% control of your domain names from any internet-connected web browser. More about online control

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